• Extended Warranty

    Boost profits and charm customers with the perfect product protection plans.

  • Registration

    Know and keep your customers close with an oh-so-simple registration experience.

  • Resolution

    Win over customers and unlock cost savings with automated, positive issue resolutions.


Making product ownership special

Clyde is on a mission to connect people to the brands they love and bring the product ownership experience to life.
Where we started

Where we started

In 2017, our founder (hey Brandon!) was working for a tech startup in Columbus, Ohio.

He was asked to find a warranty program for the company’s 3D scanning products. But after six months of talking with underwriters and administrators, he was still looking. Boom! Big problem hint #1. Around this same time, Brandon bought an extended warranty for a tent from a large retailer (confession: the tent was for a trip to Bonnaroo). But then, like so many of us do, he accidentally threw away the receipt before registering his purchase. Boom! Big problem hint #2.

Where we are now

Where we are now

Maybe the clouds parted and the sun smiled upon him. Maybe not.

But in any event, Brandon had an epiphany that relationships between merchants and their customers were broken. So Clyde was born to build a better extended warranty experience for everyone. Since then, Clyde has grown to 100+ customer-obsessed team members dedicated to building an ownership enrichment platform that helps merchants manage warranties, registrations, and issue resolutions – and build beautiful, profitable, long-lasting relationships with their customers.

Where to next? We’re building Clyde to be a signal of trust and peace of mind for customers all over the world.


We’re proud to count leading tech investors among our biggest believers.

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