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    Boost profits and charm customers with the perfect product protection plans.

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    Know and keep your customers close with an oh-so-simple registration experience.

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    Win over customers and unlock cost savings with automated, positive issue resolutions.


Time is no match for Movado's customers

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Liteboxer knocks out competitors with Clyde

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Senville drives more DTC business with Clyde

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EVO Gimbals drives LTV with product protection

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Margot Grinberg • VP eCommerce
We partnered with Clyde to provide our customers with the peace of mind they’re looking for. The technology allowed us to launch the service quickly and offers a great user experience, which helps us provide value to our customers and drive loyalty.
We've partnered with Clyde product protection to instill in our customers an extra sense of trust and confidence. Clyde's registration product helps us serve our customers who purchase through our retail partners.

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